Book review: 7 Brief Lessons on Physics by Carlo Rovelli

    “The man who makes physics sexy . . ..” —The Times Magazine

    These lessons were written for those who know little or nothing about modern science. This short book in 96 pages and 7 lessons will show you how to better understand the world, but also it shows the surprising similarities between science and business.

    Average human being looks at the science through lenses of experiments, measurement, mathematics and rigorous deductions, but science is above all about visions.

    Science begins with a vision.

    All businesses begin with a vision too.

    Scientific thought is fed by capacity to “see” things differently than they have previously been seen, but so does every new business venture. You will find this in the third lesson, when Ravelli starts explaining The Architecture of the Cosmos. One disclaimer here, author never compares science and business, he explains modern science “only”. This is how I saw the book, and why I found it fascinating as well.

    Also, if you have ever owned the business you must know a lot about struggle. Well, you will be fascinated to learn in the book that even among the cleverest human being ever, Albert Einstein struggled for 10 years before he completed The General Theory of Relativity. That is 10 years of frenzied study, attempts, errors, confusion, mistaken articles, brilliant ideas and misconceived ideas alike, before he finally succeeded.

    Read the book, it is well worth the two hours of time investment.

    Link on Amazon, where you can buy Seven Brief Lessons On Physics Kindle version:

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