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    LessonsForEntrepreneurs Cookie Policy

    LessonsForEntrepreneursoperates a strict privacy policy around the world. We are committedto being transparent about how we use cookies on the site and thetechnologies that underpin their collection and usage.

    Why cookies areimportant

    Cookies help makeyour online experience more efficient and relevant to your interests.For instance, they are used to remember your preferences on sites youvisit often, to remember your user ID and the contents of yourshopping baskets, and to help you navigate between pages moreefficiently.

    Please read belowfor more detail.

    What is a cookie?

    Othertechnologies linked to cookies

    What types ofcookies and other technologies does The LessonsForEntrepreneurs useand why?

    How can I deleteor opt out of cookies?

    Frequently AskedQuestions

    Changes andupdates to our cookie policy

    What is a cookie?

    A cookie is asmall file, or files on your computer, phone, or other device with abrowser to save snippets of text for reference by the website you arevisiting.

    All cookies haveexpiration dates in them that determine how long they stay in yourbrowser:

    Session cookies -these are temporary cookies that expire (and are automaticallyerased) whenever you close your browser. For example, we use sessioncookies to grant access to content and enable commenting (things youhave to log in to do).

    Persistentcookies - these usually have an expiration date and so stay in yourbrowser until they expire, or until you manually delete them. Forexample we use persistent cookies for functionality including the"Stay logged-in" tick box. We also use persistent cookiesto better understand usage patterns so that we can improve the sitefor our customers.

    We've includedmore details below to help you understand what kinds of cookies andother technologies we use.

    Othertechnologies linked to cookies

    There are othertechnologies which can seem similar to cookies, but are not the same,including pixels and site tags. These pixels or tags can be used toretrieve information such as your device type or operating system, IPaddress, time of visit, etc. (Please see our Privacy Policy for moredetails on the types of information that may be collected.) They aresometimes used to create or access the cookies on your browser, butare not cookies themselves. Only cookies which you can control willappear in the cookie consent tool.

    What types ofcookies does LessonsForEntrepreneurs use and why?

    Cookies aregrouped into the following categories:

    Essential - theseare cookies that are required for the regular operation of ourwebsites. For example, some cookies allow us to ensure that peoplecan access the subscription pages in the correct region and languagefor them, access the log-in pages, or carry out fraud detection andsecurity checks (along with other similar things). These areessential for the website to work properly.

    Functional -these remember your preferences, and are intended to make yourexperience on our websites better for you. For example, a functionalcookie is used to remember your log-in details securely if you haveticked the "Stay logged-in" box. This makes it possible forusers and subscribers to return to our sites without having to log inevery time. We also use a functional cookie to remember your cookiepreferences from our cookie consent tool.

    Analytics –these cookies are used for performance measurement to understandthings including how many people visit our websites, how theynavigate our sites, and what content is popular. This allows us toimprove your experience with us. Full details of the cookies we usefor analytics purposes can be found in our cookie consent tool. Additionally, you can see how Google Analytics (one of our analyticstools) uses cookie information when you use our partners' sites byvisiting, or any other URLGoogle may provide from time to time.

    Advertising -these cookies enable us and our advertising partners to serve youwith relevant advertisements that we think will interest you (oftencalled behavioural advertising). These cookies record your visit toour website and the content you interact with, and may also be usedto manage the number of times that you see an advertisement. They maybe placed by us, or by advertising partners with our permission.

    To ensurecompliance with our policies, we restrict the use of third-partycookies to trusted partners of LessonsForEntrepreneurs.

    We also use thirdparty information from third party sources to enable us to deliveradvertising. Establishing a particular audience demographic allows usto target advertising based on browsing behaviour stored in a cookie.These sources are validated by the third party, not by us.

    Below you'll findinformation and a link to our cookie consent tool to help you manageyour cookie preferences.

    How can I deleteor opt-out of cookies?

    You can opt outof cookies at any time by using our cookie consent tool. This toolincludes additional detail on the types of cookies used, whatinformation is being collected and for what purpose. It also includeslinks to the privacy policies for each individual cookie, giving youthe option to allow or block as you choose. When you reference anyone of these privacy policies you’ll find more information on thecontrols available to you, and your rights with respect to thepersonal information that these third parties access, collect and useabout you. Please note that we are not responsible for the content ofother external websites. Your cookie consent preferences areaccessible at any time at the bottom of all LessonsForEntrepreneurswebsite pages.

    Alternatively,the following websites provide some useful information on how to dothis, as well as about your rights under current data protection andprivacy regulations.

    For moreinformation, please go to:

    http://www.youronlinechoices.euif you are based in the EU; or you are based in the US.

    To opt out ofcookies from Google:

    If you want todelete or disable other cookies, see:

    Frequently AskedQuestions

    Will I be able toaccess content if I disable cookies?

    You can stillbrowse our sites with cookies disabled, although some functions maynot work. If you choose not to allow cookies when you first visitour websites and/or subsequently opt out of cookies, then because ofthe fact we’re unable to recognise you when you come back to thesite, you’ll be asked again to set your cookie preferences.

    How long willcookies last for?

    We limit thelifetime of our cookies to a maximum of 13 months as required by lawand so you will be asked about your cookie preferences again no laterthan 13 months since the last time we asked you. If you do allowcookies, then you consent to the use of cookies as described in thispolicy.

    If I disablecookies will I still see advertisements?

    Yes, but thesewill no longer be specific to you, your personal interests orbrowsing behaviours. You can consent to some or all cookies at anytime (even if you have previously said no to cookies) by going to ourcookie consent tool.

    How do I managemy cookie preferences?

    You can manageyour cookie preferences and consent to some or all cookies at anytime (even if you have previously said no) by going to our cookieconsent tool.

    Changes to thisPolicy

    From time totime, we may make changes to the privacy policy and this cookiepolicy. This may be in relation to changes in the law, best practiceor changes in our services. These changes will be reflected in thisstatement, so you should check here from time to time.

    Last update: July23rd 2018

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