Finance for A Non-Financial Entrepreneur

    [knowing what the numbers really mean as a business owner]

    Boost your financial intelligence and stand out from the crowd

    Now Meet Susan, a business owner

    Susan, 53 owns her own flower shop for the last 5 years in one of the prestigious malls in the city, and the business is thriving. She is serving the niche market with

    roses only and became known for rare pieces and exquisite bouquets, made entirely out of roses.

    Six months ago, she has learned a new, similar high-end mall was opening at the other end of the city, the area where she could reach to the new customers and

    Susan decided to expand and open a new shop there. She knew the business of roses through and through, but this would be a game changer for her and she

    wanted to make sure she made the right decision.

    The time has come to make a plan. But alas Susan was like most people, she panicked and froze when she tried to put the numbers on paper…she dreaded f

    finance and thought she would never understand the numbers.