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    LessonsForEntrepreneurs’sPrivacy Policy

    Westrive for transparency and trust when it comes to protecting yourprivacy and we aim to clearly explain how we collect and process yourinformation. It’s important to us that you should enjoy using ourproducts, services and website without compromising your privacy inany way. This policy outlines how we collect and use different typesof personal and behavioural information, and the reasons for doingso. You have the right to access, change or delete your personalinformation at any time and you can find out more about this and yourrights in our FAQ section. Alternatively, you can get in touchdirectly with our Privacy Team; their details included in our“Contact Us” section.

    Ourpolicies will be updated from time-to-time. Please refer backregularly to keep yourself updated.

    Sectionsin this policy:

    Informationwe collect

    Howwe use your information

    Howwe work with third parties

    Retainingand storing your information

    Externallinks and Cookies


    Whowe are


    Thispolicy applies to “users” and "customers" (or "you")of LessonsForEntrepreneurs; that is anyone ordering, registering orinteracting with any product or service from anyLessonsForEntrepreneurs businesses. This includes event attendees,subscribers, registrants, website users, app users etc.

    Collectionand use of your information

    Theinformation you provide us, and that which we gather based on youractivity, helps us to deliver more relevant content as well as createa more seamless experience across the products and channels throughwhich you may access that content.

    Wecollect and store some information about you in order to deliverproducts and services to you (such as your subscription, or so thatyou can attend our Event). We share some of that information withtrusted suppliers (including payment providers and postal services)to ensure the delivery of those products and services, or to givepersonalised recommendations on things we think will be of interestto you. We also collect information when you use our products andservices and further details are provided below.

    Informationwe collect

    Informationyou provide us which we need in order to provide you with ourservices and products

    Thereis certain personal information that we need in order to provide theproducts and services that you have chosen. Examples of details wecollect in order to fulfil a subscription to LessonsForEntrepreneursinclude:


    Postaladdress (including postcode)



    Inaddition to the above, examples of the details we collect for ourEvents business could include:






    Sometimeswe may ask for different information such as phone numbers, gender ordate of birth, as indicated when you interact with those products orservices.

    Informationwe collect through your use of our products

    Whenyou use any of our online platforms or apps we collect informationthat helps us to deliver the service you have chosen and to improveyour experience. This is done through cookies and other technologies.Examples of the type of information we may collect are:



    Thepages you read on our websites and how you got to them




    Location(in some cases)

    Youcan also volunteer to disclose additional information which may notbe essential for us to deliver a service to you. By providing it youhelp us to ensure we communicate with you in a way that’s mostrelevant, useful and engaging for you. We may collect and ask foradditional information when you order, purchase, register, subscribeor make use of our products or services in any way, for example inperson, via our marketing campaigns, via phone or mail orders, or ourwebsites.

    Informationwe receive from third parties

    Weoccasionally work with third parties who provide additionalinformation that you have shared with them, such as your telephonenumber and postal address (for example if you’ve moved house). Somethird parties may also share information about your interaction onour sites to help us personalise our services to you. Moreinformation can be found in the Audience Profiling section below.

    Informationwe do not track

    Wedo not track or collect any sensitive information about you. Thisincludes race, religion, ethnicity, and political opinion.

    Howwe use your information

    Weprimarily use your information for the purpose of delivering theproducts and services that you have chosen and to personalise ourinteractions (including advertising) with you. For further detailsabout this, and other ways we may use your information, please readthe sections below.

    Toprovide products and services;

    Tofulfil your orders and contracts with us (across all our product andservices) this includes also our third party specialised paymentproviders.

    Tomanage your access to our online content and apps, and to send youcontent via push notifications, newsletters, subscriptions and callsif you have requested us to do so.

    Tosend you service notifications related to your product or servicesuch as subscription renewal notifications, password resets and orderconfirmations.

    Tomanage customer service queries and complaints.

    Tomanage your privacy preferences and to ensure you only receivecommunications that you have requested, which may include using yourdetails to suppress you from communications.

    Tosend you administrative emails about your account, reminders forupcoming events, service changes, or new policies. These updates,changes and notifications are essential for the services that youhave selected.

    Toprovide general location-based services (e.g. the region or countryyou are in), advertising or search results for our content.

    Todetect and reduce fraud including fraudulent orders.

    Toprevent users from posting illegal, offensive or objectionablecomments on our site.

    Torun competitions, prize draws and promotions or if you agree to be aspeaker or contributor at, or in, one of our events, projects orfilms. In these cases, subject to any specific termsLessonsForEntrepreneurs agrees with you separately, you grant aglobal right to LessonsForEntrepreneurs to use your name, picture,likeness, voice, biographical information and statements, foradvertising, trade, publicity and promotional purposes in all medianow known or discovered afterwards and on the internet.

    Todeliver marketing and advertising

    Weneed your consent to use your information for some specific purposessuch as marketing, brand response communications and personalisedadvertising. Ways in which we will use your information if youconsent are as follows:

    Wemay send marketing communications via a range of channels includingemail and push notifications and you can opt out of these at anytime. If you give us marketing permission, we may contact you to tellyou about special offers and related or similar products or serviceswithin LessonsForEntrepreneurs.

    Wemay pass your information to specially selected third parties whowould like to contact you with information regarding their ownproducts and services such as other subscriptions, events or contentservices. Those parties are responsible for their use of your dataand you should read their privacy policies carefully. For moreinformation on how we work with third parties please see the sectionbelow.

    Wewill ask you if you wish to opt-out of such marketing when you firstsign up to receive our products or services. You can also update yourpreferences for your subscription at any time via your online accountat or by contacting customer services(see ‘Contact us’). You can also opt out of email marketing byclicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails. This doesnot apply to important service notifications such as paymentconfirmations (as covered in the section above) or where we have someother legal basis for contacting you.

    Inorder to deliver advertising and marketing messages that are relevantto you, we may use the information we hold about you, includingdetails that we collate from your use of our services or thirdparties, such as more precise information on your location, to ensurethat the advertising you see is of interest to you.

    Otheruses of your information

    Otherthan where we have asked for your consent, we mainly rely on twoother separate bases to lawfully use your information. First, we needto use your information in certain ways to provide our products orservices to you, in accordance with our contracts with you. In thiscase, it is necessary for us to use your information so that we candeliver the products or services you have chosen. Second, asdescribed in more detail below, in certain cases, we may use yourinformation where necessary to further our legitimate interests,where those legitimate interests are not overridden by your rights orinterests:

    Tomeasure customer and user response and engagement with our productsand services such as online content, email newsletters andsubscription offers. This may include sharing your information withthird parties who help us to analyse and measure these things.

    Toensure our products (including websites and apps) are compatible withthe browsers and operating systems used by most of our visitors.

    Tohelp us improve our customer and user experience and to support innew product development. We may send customer satisfaction surveysand market research questionnaires (for which we may share yourinformation with third party suppliers employed by us).

    Tocreate audience profiles for personalised advertising, marketing orresearch and development on and off our websites – See AudienceProfiling and Social Media sections below for more detailedinformation.

    Todetect and reduce fraudulent activity and for other security relatedpurposes such as to help us protect against harassment, IPinfringement, crime or other security issues.

    Forany purpose required by law or regulation and to verify informationthat we provide to third parties for compliance and audit purposes.We may share your personal data with a third-party auditingorganisation so they can verify aggregated statistics aboutcirculation and usage of our products or review our policies,processes and procedures for compliance with relevant standards.

    Youhave the right to object to any of the above uses of yourinformation, please contact us if you wish to do so. We will considerall objections reasonably, but there may be legal reasons where wedeem that the use of your information is still appropriate. We willexplain our decision to you in a timely manner.


    LessonsForEntrepreneurspublishes content on social media platforms e.g. Twitter, Facebook,LinkedIn through both "organic" and "paid"methods to reach current and potential readers:

    "Organic”methods describe where content and/or offers are published onto asocial platform so that they may appear in your social platform’scontent, without being promoted or forced to appear more prominently,e.g. LessonsForEntrepreneurs’s Facebook Page.

    "Paid”methods describe where content and/or offers are published onto asocial platform so that they will appear more prominently, or beshown to users that do not currently follow LessonsForEntrepreneurssocial pages e.g. a promoted tweet on your Twitter Timeline.

    Wemay place one or more social media platform “tags” on our websitein order to better understand how LessonsForEntrepreneurs may be ofbest value to you by providing you with the most relevant contentavailable according to what you have chosen to read on our ownwebsites. These tags only record information around events to help usunderstand if you are registered or subscribed with us, so that wemay use your reading preferences to provide more relevant contentand/or offers to you, on social media platforms, e.g. removingsubscription offers from your feed if you are a current subscriber.

    Wedo not have direct access to your personal data on your social mediaplatforms.

    Howwe use your details for audience profiling

    Toenable us to personalise the content and advertising you see(including on social media), we may use your interaction and browsingbehaviour or preferences (such as how and what you read on ourwebsites and our apps) to create audience profiles. This is to enablecontent and message personalisation, and in some cases, advertisingto be delivered to you or a group of users (an audience) with similarinterests to you. This can be done both on our site and on those ofthird parties. Please see our Cookie Policy for more information.

    Wemay analyse your individual information to create a profile of yourinterests and preferences as a part of an audience. These insightsare used to help us make marketing decisions so that we can ensureour messages are relevant to you. There are times we may useadditional information available from external sources to help us dothis effectively (see How we work with third parties section below).

    Youcan choose to opt out of our audience profiling activity if you wish.This does not mean that you will no longer see advertisements, itjust means that the advertisements you will see are no longerpersonalised to your interests. Please contact us to do so.

    Howwe work with third parties

    Asmentioned, in some instances, we disclose personal information tothird parties when it is necessary to deliver a service or product,or to help us improve your experience with us, or when we arerequired to do so by contract or law. “Third parties” includeagents, subcontractors, sponsors and other associated organisations.We have in place contracts to ensure the information remains secureand limited in use, and if we do not have a legitimate businessreason to pass on your information, we will ask you to give consentfirst. Some examples of when we share your information are below:

    Whenyou make a payment on any of our sites your payment will be processedby a specialist payment processor to ensure a secure transaction. Allpayment processors used by LessonsForEntrepreneurs are compliant withrequired security standards. If you have any questions regardingsecure transactions, please contact us.

    Whenyou log on to your subscription account, a third party provider whospecialises in online account management will manage your access,including re-setting your password.

    Whenwe send you an email or a push notification, these are delivered bymarketing platforms. As part of this service, certain informationsuch as message opens, clicks and formatting are recorded to helpdeliver the best email experience.

    Whenwe test and launch new products, services or offers, we may work withtrusted third parties to support us.

    Wealso employ third parties to carry out statistical analyses andconduct surveys on our behalf, to support our advertising and contentproduction efforts respectively

    Toprovide information for auditing purposes by official regulators.

    Toenable third parties such as advertisers or sponsors to contact youwith information about their own products and services that may be ofinterest – only if you give explicit permission for us to do so.

    Thirdparties who pass information to us

    Oursubscriptions services sometimes use additional information such astelephone numbers or postcodes from third parties (like list brokers,researchers or telemarketing agents, who have gathered thisinformation lawfully) to help us to contact you or to help us makemarketing decisions. This includes advertising (by ourselves or viaadvertising partners) to groups of people with particular interests.These third parties may give us access to your personal information,if you have allowed them to do so.

    Wemay also work with third parties to identify individuals who may beinterested in our products and services or in some cases our sponsors/ advertisers’ products and services. These third parties may giveus access to your personal information, if you have allowed them todo so. In any communication you receive from us, through these thirdparties, we make sure to identify ourselves (and them) so that youknow who has access to your information.

    IMPORTANT:Please note that the collection, use, and disclosure of informationby these third parties are described in their own privacy policies,and consequently may differ from that set out inLessonsForEntrepreneurs Privacy Policy. We are not responsible forthose third party privacy policies, and you should ensure that youhave read and understood all applicable privacy policies beforeproceeding.

    Retainingand storing your information


    Wesecurely store your information, and hold it for as long as we needto in order provide our services and products to you in accordancewith (i) applicable law, or (ii) as long as is set out in anyrelevant contract you have with us.

    Wereview our retention periods for personal information regularly. Ifyou have not interacted with us in any way, we will generally nolonger hold your information after 5 years (although this may beshorter for individual businesses (you can confirm by contactingus)). Sometimes we may need to keep it for longer periods such as taxand other financial regulatory reasons, this would typically be 7years. We would only keep it for longer than this if we are requiredto by law.

    Ifyou request for us to no longer contact you, for example withmarketing communications, we will retain the minimum amount ofinformation about you so that we can ensure we remove you from anyfuture communications. Please note that if you ask us to completelyremove all information about you, and you subsequently use ourproducts and services at a later date, we will no longer be able torecognise your previous request to not be contacted, which is why wewould keep it and suppress it in line with industry standards.

    Storingand transferring information internationally

    Asthe internet is a global environment and we work with third partiesacross the globe, collecting and using your personal information mayinvolve the transfer of this information internationally, includingoutside of the European Union. By using our products and services youacknowledge and agree to your personal information being transferredin this way, including to jurisdictions outside the EEA.

    Wemaintain strict policies to ensure all information that istransferred is done so safely and securely.

    Keepingyour information safe

    Wetake information security seriously and have policies and proceduresin place to ensure the information we hold on you remains safe. Welimit who has access to your information and ensure that those who doare bound by contracts to keep your information availabilityrestricted and safe.

    Individualsunder 16

    LessonsForEntrepreneursdoes not intentionally, or knowingly, process personal informationfrom individuals under the age of 16. When necessary, users under theage of 16 will be told not to submit any personal details. We willmake every effort to delete any details of such users where a parentor guardian has informed us that these details have been collected.


    Thisprivacy policy only applies to LessonsForEntrepreneurs use of data,Our websites, services or products may, from time to time, containlinks to, use or be on external sites. LessonsForEntrepreneurs is notresponsible for the privacy policies or the content of such sites andwe recommend that you read the privacy policies on any external sitesyou use. Similarly, if you are directed to our website from a thirdparty we are not responsible for the privacy policy or practices ofthe third party. We strongly recommend you read their policy.


    Cookiesare small files that are created in your web browser when you visitany of our websites.

    Youcan find more information about the types of cookies that we, andcertain third parties use, why we use them, and how to manage them inour cookie policy here.

    Whowe are

    Youcan find full details of LessonsForEntrepreneurs in About section.


    Ifyou have questions about this policy or about your personalinformation, please send correspondence to us at the followingaddress:


    Attn:Data Privacy Manager

    Usethe email address:


    Howcan I see what information you hold on me?

    Youcan contact our data privacy manager as set out in our ‘Contact Us’section above.

    Howdo I opt out of profiling?

    Youcan contact us at any time. A member of our data privacy team willspeak to you regarding your request.

    Howdo I opt out of marketing?

    Youcan update your preferences at any time, and for subscribers ofLessonsForEntrepreneurs, this can be done via your online, or by contacting customer services (see‘Contact Us<’). You can also opt out of email marketing byclicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of our emails. For otherparts of LessonsForEntrepreneurs you can contact us.

    Howdo I make a complaint?

    Ifyou have a complaint regarding any aspect of your personalinformation or this privacy policy, please write directly to the dataprivacy team.

    Howlong do you hold my information for?

    Wegenerally hold information for up to 5 years if we have had nointeraction with you. It may be 7 years or longer if required forfinancial, tax or legal reasons.

    CanI ask you to delete my information?

    Yes,just contact us. We will consider your request and take appropriateaction which may mean that we suppress it, rather than delete it toensure that we can still follow your preferences as to whether or notwe can market to you.

    Howdo I update my information?

    Youcan update it at any time via your online account (or just contact us.

    Howdo I manage cookies?

    Youcan use our cookie consent tool. For more information please also seeour cookie policy.

    Whatare my rights under GDPR?

    Youhave a right to ask us for information we hold about you, pleaseemail customer services or data privacy including the subject line,“Subject Access Request”, so that we can respond as promptly aspossible.

    Youalso have the right to ask for us to update, delete or stopprocessing information we hold about you. However, please note thatthere are circumstances in which complete erasure of your informationor ceasing to process your information will not be possible foroperational, legal and business reasons. This may include if youremain a customer for whom we need to provide services, or if youwish us to no longer contact you for marketing purposes. In this casewe may need to retain some of your details securely in order tofacilitate this request by, for example, keeping you on a “do notcontact” or suppression list. This will be the only purpose forwhich your data will be used if this is the case.

    Changesto this policy

    Fromtime to time, we may make changes to the privacy policy. This may bein relation to changes in the law, best practice or changes in ourservices. These changes will be reflected in this statement, so youshould check here regularly.

    Lastupdate: 23rd July 2018

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