BOOK REVIEW: Remote by David Heinemeier Hansson & Jason Fried

    Remote by David Heinemeier Hansson & Jason Fried

    Office not required

    A year ago billionaire Richard Branson gave us another lesson on leadership: 3 reasons you should let your employees work remotely. The whole article you can read here, and it is quite good.

    But the message is clear and straightforward to corporations and entrepreneurs alike:

    Your employees want flexible work arrangements

    And this is exactly what The Remote book is all about. However, before we start talking about the book, one surprising statistics: A survey conducted by the career site FlexJobs found remote work to be the most sought-after perk, with 81 percent of employees selecting this as the type of work flexibility they want most.

    So why is this not happening yet on a wider scale?

    Especially because remote work is beneficial for employers and employees alike:

    Here is how businesses benefit from remote work:

    1. Unparalleled increase in productivity – the modern office has become an interruption factory. If you have ever worked in the open space office, please watch this funny video it will make you lough to the tears, but you will find yourself nodding because it exactly portraits what is happening in the modern office
    2. Cutting costs – for renting and owning offices, for tables, chairs, electricity…you name it
    3. Top talent is flocking to such businesses – top talent in the world do not necessarily live all in one place. Going remote allows the most talented people to produce the best work regardless of their location.
    4. Most of employees want some sort of flexible work


    Here is why it is not happening yet:

    Management (especially middle management) still thinks managing people is making sure they show up at work and seemingly work for eight hours.

    On top of it, having meaningless and inefficient meetings ensures some work is happening after all.

    Management needs to have an answer right now [even for the most benign problems], because they are super busy bosses, which means employees must be within arm’s reach, or otherwise…their ego hurts...their troops are not there to be commanded.

     Here is why employees crave for work flexibility:

    1.        Unparalleled increase in productivity – yes we want to produce an excellent, quality work because we love what we do and are proud of it without constant interruptions from our co-workers and bosses
    2.          Stop commuting our life away – most of the people waste at least 2 hours a day (some little more, some little less), in [mostly] indecent public transportation or car traffic congestion smothered by equally unhappy people. A small math if you haven’t already done it. 2 hours per day, minus 2 weeks of annual vacations is about 500 hours a year [250 working days x 2 hours], which is 63 working days [500/2] which is roughly 3 working months [one working month have 20 working days] every year wasted on traffic. Add to this [ladies!!!] the time we use to put our clothes on, make our hair, put our make up on [and then taking it off in the evening]. The math of waste is awfully scary. Add on top of this stress and energy sapping coming to and going off to work, no wonder majority of people feel like couch potato
    3.          Monotony is a killer for a brain. Why do you think people LOVE Fridays and HATE Mondays? It is every day grind that is a slow killer…
    4.           Not all people are alike [escaping 9am – 5pm] – some people are more productive early in the morning, some people prefer to stretch their brains later in the day or they have family or health matters to attend to. This is the true work – life balance, not some hog wash that comes every now and then from HR kitchen
    5. .         Talent is not bound by the hubs – we want to live, where we want to live and thank you 21st century we can finally do that no matter the borders, time zones or urban hubs
    6.      It is not about the money – but saving is always nice. We don’t have to pay for super expensive urban flats and houses, because this is where our work is, luxurious cars, fine clothes, exuberantly expensive restaurants, services, you name it…


    It is obvious, the time is right for remote work and it will happen with time for everyone. The questions that must be answered now are:

    •  How to collaborate remotely
    •  How to work remotely – the logistics of it
    •  How to hire and keep the best talent
    •  How to manage remote workers
    • How to live as a remote worker

    The book opens the issues and is providing the solid advices how to tackle them, also speaking from their own experience, as authors duo David Heinemeier Hansson (@dhh) and Jason Fried (@jasonfried) are the founders of 37signals, a trailblazing software company that functions precisely in this way, and their bios are so rich, anyway, I would need another blog for that.

    You can buy Kindle version here on Amazon: and enjoy the full experience.


    Isn’t this exciting new world we are living inJ

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